Submissions Close 18th April 2024 5pm

Submissions are now open to support the proposed heritage listing of the Donnelly Rd Site.

More Information about the Site is available here:

It is well worth reading the Heritage Architects Report available on the council website – fascinating review of the heritage of the site! And we have more research to add!

If you don’t want to go into a lot of detail simply say that you strongly support the planning proposal to Heritage List and why you love the site and streetscape? Keep the submission focussed on the heritage value of the site and not on current planning changes or DA submissions (that is a seperate process). This is all about the heritage value of the site and its contribution overtime to our community and our area. You might like to recall your use of the site over years/ community services (social value) , the way it contributes to our streetscape overall (architectural value) and the fact that it is central to the identification of Naremburn and connection to other heritage buildings (place making value). Submissions can be made online via the portal “Survey” or via email. Please take note of Willoughby Council’s requirement when submitting.