The NSW Government has proposed radical changes to the planning system which stand to heavily impact the character and density of Naremburn. Submissions are due 23rd February and we strongly encourage everyone to make a submission. The NPA held a special meeting on the 15th February to watch a Council led Webinar and then separately discuss these changes particular to Naremburn. The comments below are a result of this meeting and we would love to hear more from our members to inform our submission. We will be uploading our draft submission early next week to assist you with guidance based on community feedback and our Q&A to Council.

In the meantime Willoughby Council’s guide and slides are a good place to start. Willoughby Council will be uploading their presentation to this site early next week. We encourage all residents of Naremburn to comment below to help inform our submission but also to make your own submission directly via the State Government Portal by the 23rd February. Please pass this information on to your friends and neighbours.

State Government Proposal and Submissions Portal – Submit by 23rd February!

Submit here scroll down under “Have your Say”:


Naremburn Progress Associations Submission Guide

Review in tandem with Willoughby Council’s specific guide to the changes below under “Online Information Session”

Willoughby Council’s Guide – Meeting 15th February 2024

North Sydney Council’s Guide – Meeting 14th February 2024

Industry and Advocacy Group Guides For your Information

Please note these guides do not necessarily reflect the view of the association but are for your information as you formulate your own submission

Better Planning Networks Advice

The NSW Government is proposing state-wide changes to the NSW Housing Policy. It is seeking feedback from Councils and the public on the proposed housing changes by Friday 23 February 2024. BPN understands that the changes, proposed to increase housing numbers and housing types, as applied in the Policy, will override all Local Environmental Plans (LEPs). We believe they will dramatically impact on character, amenity, environment, liveability, heritage and infrastructure.

We urge interested parties to read the information available, to consult with their local Council regarding its position on the reforms, lobby State MPs and, most importantly, lodge a submission.

Low and mid-rise housing changes

The Explanation of Intended Effect is on exhibition until Friday 23 

February 2024 (pdf 8MB).

The changes will:

• allow Dual occupancies in all low density residential zones (R2) across NSW on blocks of more than 450sqm.

• allow terraces, townhouses, two storey unit blocks near transport hubs and town centres in R2 low density residential zones across the Greater Sydney region, Hunter, Central Coast and Illawarra (the six cities region)

• allow mid-rise buildings (3 to 6 storey) unit blocks within 400m walking distance of a railway station or town centres in R3 medium density zones and employment zones.

• allow 4 to 5 storey buildings between 400m and 800m of a railway station or a town centre.

• reduce requirements for deep soil landscaping and tree targets from 50% to 7% in mid -rise housing (3-6 storey housing).

All information about the proposed changes are on the NSW Government website, along with information about how to make a submission, and an online form for enquiries regarding the proposed changes.

National Trust Advice