2023 Western Harbour Tunnel Modification

A major modification was proposed to the Western Harbour Tunnel in 2023. This involves drilling under the Harbour which alleviates much of the contamination and foreshore concerns however it means that the work that was to be shared between Cammeray and Waverton will now all move up into Cammeray. The Ridge St site has been expanded considerably and tunnelling and spoil removal will all now be removed out of these two sites. There are increased noise, dust and heavy vehicle/ parking issues and longer term the increased gradient will mean more pollution from the Cammeray stack. The Department of Health have raised concerns that pollution levels in the area will be above Australian pollution criteria (which is well above WHO standards).

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2023 Warringah Freeway Detailed Planning Feedback

TfNSW publicly exhibited the Design and Place and Active Transport aspects of the Warringah Freeway Upgrade project in July 2023. The associated documents published directly impact Naremburn and there are opportunities to substantively improve on what is currently on offer under the project. The Warring Freeway “Upgrade” is being completed to accomodate the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link (this project has been withdrawn however many aspect of the Beaches Link are being built in)

An overview of what the detailed planning is for can be found here

2023 Place, Design and Landscape Plan

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2023 Active Transport Network Review can be found here

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Picture credit: TfNSW