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Santa Clause is coming to town!!

Posted 19 November 2014

Don't miss Santa when he visits the Naremburn Shopping Village on Friday December 5, between 5:30 and 6:00pm!

Bigger and better Naremburn Library

Posted 22 April 2014

The newly refurbished Naremburn Library will be re-opening at the end of March 2014. The beautifully revamped library will boast an exciting selection of new DVDs, fiction, paperbacks, children’s titles and book club kits ready to borrow. Naremburn Library not only provides the local community with a lending collection and comfortable space, but also offers internet access, word processing, free WiFi and photocopy facilities.

The recent renovation has increased the library and community learning multi-functional area, and offers a new community space available for hire. Community groups may arrange to hire the community space for a range of activities and meetings. For more information about venue hire contact the Dougherty Centre on 9777 7800.

Have you added your email address to your membership details yet? The Library sends courtesy reminder emails one day prior to items being due back as well as sending reservation notifications via email. If you would like to add your email address just go to

Diana Revington
Naremburn Branch Librarian

President — out and about

Posted 22 April 2014

Welcome to the first edition of Naremburn Matters for 2014.

My thanks must go to Helene Kemp, who stepped in to write my President’s Out and About report for the previous issue of Naremburn Matters, as I was required to deal with urgent personal issues. This is teamwork, and I am very proud that we are all able to work together. This teamwork has been very evident again over the past few weeks with the PAC meeting that was held regarding the Channel 9 development. The Executive of the NPA made representation on behalf of the Naremburn community. You can read more on page 4.

Our February meeting was very well attended and we had the privilege of hearing Steph Croft give us an overview of the situation of schools for the lower North Shore. Steph spoke on the planned development of the Bradfield College site at Crows Nest and the development at the old Anzac Club site in Cammeray. Again this issue contains a report on this matter on page 5.

Recently there have been anonymous letters doing the rounds of residents in Naremburn. Some residents have been quite distressed and annoyed with these letters. The NPA Executive has also received anonymous letters. The Executive welcome letters from the community, but we would like to know who you are as we are very happy to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. It is very difficult to communicate with concerned members of the community if we do not know your identity.

No doubt you will all be aware of the upcoming election for a new Mayor for Willoughby City Council. Please be aware that it is compulsory to vote in this election. Election day will be Saturday 12 April 2014. Pre-polling voting opens on 31 March 2014 and closes 11 April 2014 at 6 pm. Postal votes close 7 April 2014 at 5 pm. At the time of writing this report, polling booths had not been confirmed.

Finally on behalf of the NPA and the whole of the Naremburn Community, I would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to Beth and Sophie Reilly on the passing of our well-respected Mayor, Pat Reilly. Mayor Reilly was very supportive of all the Progress Associations within the City of Willoughby. He had a great sense of what a Community was and how to engage the Community. He lived and breathed Local Government. Mayor Reilly will be missed, but his legacy will live on for a very long time.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue of Naremburn Matters. Frances O’Brien Zoë Harpham
Waters Road


What’s the latest on Channel 9?

Posted 22 April 2014

Since our last issue, the community has been very involved in fighting the proposed Channel 9 redevelopment plan in favour of the more modest plan outlined by Willoughby City Council (WCC). The main action has surrounded preparation for and presentations to the Planning and Assessment Commission’s (PAC) public meeting on 19 February.

Of the approximately 150 people who attended the PAC meeting, there were 43 speakers who articulated their concerns and those of the broader community about the Channel 9 plan. The Chair of the meeting, Ms Kibble, commented that she has been participating in these meetings for many years and she’s NEVER had such a united and consistent message being delivered by so many speakers. This speaks to the co-ordinated action and work of the Willoughby Area Action Group (WAAG), which co-ordinated the community speakers, including many from the Naremburn community and the Naremburn Progress Association.

Following this meeting the PAC deliberated and finally handed down their decision on 7 March. The PAC made many changes to the Channel 9 plan and many of the modifications were part of WCC’s alternate plan. The PAC has allowed Channel 9 a maximum of 350 apartments and a maximum building height of eight storeys, a much reduced size and height from Channel 9’s plan. This is a victory and testament to the efforts of the local community.

Channel 9 now have the right to appeal the decision to the Land and Environment Court so the battle may continue. But for the moment we can enjoy the sense of victory.

Many people worked hard on fighting the Channel 9 plan in the hope that the more modest WCC plan would be approved instead. Chief among these are WAAG members, including Peter Wilton, Brendan Bond, Meshlin Khouri and Peter Stephenson. We also must recognise the contribution of Greg Woodhams, WCC's Director of Planning and his Strategic Planning team of Linda McClure and Lara Nguyen who were the authors of the alternative concept plan. The WAAG group were spurred on in the knowledge that all the WCC Councillors and Officers were with them and in particular, the late Mayor, Pat Reilly, General Manager, Nick Tobin, Councillors Michelle Sloane and Gail Giles-Gidney and both our State and Federal MPs, Gladys Berejiklian and Joe Hockey.

Viviane Leveaux and Zoë Harpham

Parking relief may be at hand

Posted 22 April 2014

Willoughby City Council (WCC) is set to conduct a survey and review of parking availability in the Oxley Street residential permit parking precinct. Staff at WCC under the leadership of Paul Collings and James Brocklebank will review a variety of conditions and usage patterns for both residents and non-residents. This work is set to be complementary to the longer term WCC parking review (yet to be approved and implemented by Council as at the time of writing) and will incorporate focus on the issues of long-term parking occupancies by non-residents and potentially the growing impact of multi-story developments on street parking in the area.

Residents are grateful to Naremburn Progress Association, Naremburn Matters, Naremburn Councillors — and in particular recently to Cr Sloane — for their advocacy and support. Residents also wish to thank staff at WCC for their efforts in what must currently be an extremely busy and challenging environment. It is hoped that for the June edition of Naremburn Matters we will be able to bring residents news of further progress.

Peter Bower
Oxley Street

Our local preschool a winner

Posted 22 April 2014

Parents of children at Willoughby Community Preschool in Naremburn know what a wonderful place it is, but this has been recently confirmed by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). The preschool has been awarded the highest mark of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all seven quality areas of the National Quality Framework (NFQ). In particular, the preschool was credited for going above and beyond in the area of ‘Physical Environment’ for successfully obtaining a grant from Munch & Move to update and establish garden planter boxes. The preschool was also praised for the inclusion of an additional support worker, who works two days per week with children with additional and special needs and their families.

"We are delighted to have received such outstanding results from our NFQ assessment," said Dianne Minnett, Director of Willoughby Community Preschool. "It is a testament to the hard work of our teachers and our volunteer parent community that we achieved this stellar result."

Will the new schools help kids from Naremburn?

Posted 22 April 2014

At the February meeting of the NPA, we were lucky enough to hear from Steph Croft, president of Willoughby Girls High School's P and C association. She has spearheaded the campaign for more schools on the North Shore and she was able to give the NPA an update of the situation. So far three new schools have been announced for the area (Bradfield Middle School, the Anzac club site primary school and the UTS site), and she indicated that there will be another two schools to open, though she was not at liberty to reveal exact locations for these sites.

Residents of Naremburn will not necessarily benefit directly from the new schools, though there should be a reduction in student numbers, certainly at Cammeray Public School, when the new school on the site of the old Anzac club opens.

Bradfield Middle School (Years 7–10) will open in 2015 for students starting Year 7. The catchment boundaries for the school are at draft stage but it looks as though Naremburn will not be within the catchment area. There will be a senior high school opening to complement Bradfield Middle School but again it is thought that Naremburn residents will fall outside the catchment. The Anzac site will host a new primary school and it is thought there will also be childcare and pre- and post-school care on the site. It is currently at planning stage. The UTS site is under discussion with planning to begin soon.

Zoë Harpham
Waters Road

A letter to NSW residents from The Better Planning Network

Posted 4 December 2013

Dear NSW Resident

Our efforts have paid off! After a 15 month, intense community campaign, on 28 November 2013, NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard announced that he would withdraw the NSW Planning Bills until February 2014. The Minister made this announcement as a result of heavy amendments made to these Bills in the Upper House by the Labor, Greens and Shooters and Fishers parties. These amendments were a direct result of the work of thousands of people like you who demanded a better planning system that protects communities, our environment and heritage. This is a very positive development but our fight is not over!

There is now another 90 days to urge the O'Farrell Government to scrap the NSW Planning Bills and demand a planning system that genuinely protects community wellbeing, our environment and heritage.

The Better Planning Network will continue fighting to ensure that the NSW Planning Bills do not become law next year and that our planning system is reformed in a way that addresses the challenges NSW faces and the persistent problems that plague planning and development in this State. But we cannot succeed without your help.

The game is now back in the Lower House and we need to keep up the pressure on MPs to ensure that the Planning Bills are shelved for good.

Please help us do just that: CONTACT YOUR MP TODAY by clicking on this link:
Email Lower House MPs and ask them to ensure that the Planning Bills do not become law in 2014.

Together, we are stronger.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Sent on behalf of the Better Planning Network


Willoughby Council Draft Parking Strategy 04/10/2013

Posted 2 October 2012

At the 8 September 2012 Council Elections there were two candidates for Mayor – Mayor Pat Reilly of Middle Harbour Ward and Cr Stuart Coppock of Naremburn Ward.

Mayor Reilly won by 2,140 votes. Of the formal votes cast, Cr Coppock received 15,330 and Mayor Reilly 17,470. Congratulations Mayor Reilly!

Cr Pat Reilly has been Mayor of Willoughby City since September 1997 when he was elected by the Councillors of Willoughby City.

At the Council Elections in 1999 which were the first elections for Mayor with electors in Willoughby City casting their vote, the candidates were Mayor Reilly, Cr Tony Mustaca and Cr Eunice Raymond. Mayor Pat Reilly became our first Mayor to be elected by popular vote.

The Council Elections of 2004 saw Mayor Pat Reilly again becoming the popularly elected Mayor, his opponent being Cr Judith Rutherford. Mayor Reilly’s opponents at the 2008 Council Elections were Cr Coppock and Mr Simon Kovacevic. Mayor Pat Reilly was again elected Mayor.

Mayor Reilly has lived his entire life in Willoughby City. He is proud of Willoughby City’s many achievements and the recognition that Council and its officers have received through the many awards that WCC has received.

Cr Michelle Sloane and Cr Nic Wright join Cr Stuart Coppock as our Naremburn Ward Councillors

Posted 2 October 2012

Councillor Kate Lamb and Councillor Barry Thompson decided not to seek re-election at the 8 September 2012 Council Elections. Councillor Stuart Coppock stood again. At the 2008 elections Councillor Coppock had garnered 25% of the formal votes for the ward and took the number 1 spot.

The 2012 election saw Michelle Sloane, a long-time resident of Artarmon and very active in the community, member of the Artarmon Progress Association and its President for five years but a newcomer to the Local Government arena, gain 35% of the vote and consequently the number 1 spot. Naremburn resident Nic Wright, also a first time candidate in Council Elections, gained almost as many votes as the experienced Cr Stuart Coppock and took the number 3 spot.

Congratulations and thank you to our three Councillors for being prepared to serve the community of Naremburn Ward.

Local businesses donated prizes to The Bells fund raiser!

Posted 16 September 2012

Of the 34 businesses who donated either raffle prizes or goods or services for the silent auction on Saturday 1 September, 12 are from our suburb. Let’s support our Naremburn businesses!

Anderson’s Hardware - Ben Miura Horticulture – Cream Gourmetdeli – Delicia Bakery – Forsyth Coffee Greener Cleaner – Hair by Maree – Hockeys Real Estate – Naremburn Pizzeria – Ray’s Framing – ThaiTanium

Raffle Prizes and Winners:
1st PRIZE: - $500 Hamper donated by Peter Chauncy, McGrath Crows Nest – Won by John Paige, Willoughby
2nd PRIZE: $100 dry cleaning/alteration vouchers @ Angel’s Apparel, Crows Nest; $70 voucher @ The Butcher’s Nest, Crows Nest; $30 voucher @ Crows Nest Fruit Plaza - TOTAL $200 – Won by Sonia Edwards, Naremburn
3rd PRIZE: 2 Vouchers @ Cream Gourmetdeli, Naremburn - TOTAL $100 – Won by Dominic @ Sarah Carbone, Artarmon

Melanie Smith, WCC’s Director of Community Services to speak at the NPA's October General Meeting

Posted 3 September 2012

NPA’s Guest Speaker - Melanie Smith
Thursday 11 October - General Meeting
Community Centre
7 Central Street
7:30 pm

Melanie joined Council in 2011; this will be the first time she has been a guest speaker for the NPA. Willoughby City is fortunate that she has joined Council - Read more..

Melanie will speak on some of the data coming through from Council’s Community Needs Survey which was conducted using a number of forums so that community members could give the Community Services Division an idea of the priority areas for the next 5 years.

Proposed Child Care Centre at 7 & 9 Donnelly Road Land and Environment Court Decision

Posted 3 September 2012

It has now been to the Land and Environment Court (LEC) on four occasions, having been refused by Willoughby Council on each occasion. The latest LEC hearing followed an appeal by the developer against Council’s latest rejection of DA-2011/261, which was lodged back in June 2011.

NPA representatives have attended a series of Site Conciliation and Council meetings, and presented at several of these. The latest development involved a Site meeting on 16 August, followed by hearings in Court the following day. Following conclusion of the Court hearing on 17 August, Commissioner Sue Morris handed down her decision on 28 August, that decision being to grant approval for the development but subject to no less than 120 Conditions of Consent, as a Court Order.

The Conditions of Consent cover a wide range of application, and generally require prior approval by either Council or neighbours (or both) of particular aspects of the development, quantitative aspects of those Conditions having already been set by the Court.

The NPA is obviously disappointed by the decision, but is satisfied that the Court has applied a rigorous set of Consent Conditions such that the resulting development will need to meet strict criteria in order to proceed.

NPA thanks Willoughby City Council for vigorously opposing the application over a number of years, and recognises the not insignificant costs of this process.

Read more..

Bells In Spire – St Leonard’s Church Naremburn – Donations

Posted 30 August 2012

Would you like to contribute to this wonderful project and be part of the community response to enhancing the amenity of Naremburn, while at the same time receiving a 100% tax deduction? Now is your chance.

The project was given the go-ahead on the strict condition that it had to be self-funding, so the church community needs your help. The estimated cost of putting the 6 bells in the tower of the church was approximately $48,500. Read more

Unfortunately, the decision of a 7-5 majority of Willoughby Councillors on 12 March 2012 means that approximately $10,000 has been added to the cost of the project. It is hoped that it will be possible to raise the necessary funds to bring this project to completion in such a way that the people of Naremburn will be proud of their achievement and look on the church in an enhanced way, knowing that it has been brought to the completion which was always intended, but which until now has not been possible.

If you wish to contribute and obtain a tax deduction, please ensure you complete the ANZAB – Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers - donation form and return it to Parish Office, 43 Donnelly Road, Naremburn NSW 2065 or Trish Crampton, 9 Frenchs Rd, Willoughby NSW 2068. It will then be forwarded to ANZAB.

You can either donate EFT - details on the form - Ref: STLB and your surname - or by cheque - payee details on form - which you can return with the form. After ANZAB processes your donation, ANZAB will issue a tax receipt which will be forwarded to you.


If you do not want a tax deduction, you can still make your donation either EFT or by cheque and we would ask you let the Parish Office know of your donation, telephone 9438 1011 or

Bells inspire!

Draft Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012

Posted 1 June 2012

Council has now placed on exhibition a revised draft Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012 to guide development over the next 20 years which, when made, will replace the existing WLEP 1995 and Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No 5 (Chatswood Town Centre). The exhibition also includes draft amendments to the Willoughby Development Control Plan.

The re-exhibition will take place from Wednesday 23 May 2012 - Wednesday 20 June 2012.

The exhibition material is available on Council’s website or can be viewed at Council’s Administration Building 31 Victor Street Chatswood, 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays.

Staff will be available for discussion at Council’s Administration Building during the exhibition period or you can phone 9777 1000 to speak to a Council Planner between the hours of 10:00 am-4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

You can also talk to Council Planners on:
Saturday 2 June 2012 – 10:00 am – 12:00pm
Thursday 7 June 2012 – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
at Council’s Chatswood Library, Lower Ground, The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood.

Council initially exhibited the draft plan in 2010 as Draft Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2009. Following an extensive consultation process and consideration of submissions, Council made changes to the Draft Plan and those changes are reflected in this re-exhibition. The re-exhibition also includes drafting changes made by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.


2012 NPA Membership Fees are due by Friday 8 June

Posted 1 June 2012

Our annual membership fees fall due as at the Annual General Meeting on the second Thursday of each March and are due for payment within three months of the AGM.

This year the AGM was 8 March. Membership fees must be paid by 8 June to retain membership rights.

The subs are for the calendar year, i.e., January to December. At the AGM the Treasurer can propose an increase to the fee however the fees have remained the same for several years.

$10.00 per person per annum ~~ $5.00 Concession per person per annum

Cheque to Naremburn Progress Association and mailed to PO Box 393 St Leonards NSW 1590
EFT – BSB 032 297 - Account number 20 1474


Willoughby Leisure Centre Plans to Become State-of-the-Art

Posted 30 May 2012

Master Plan now on public exhibition- View artist's imressions and site plan

Willoughby City Council is seeking community feedback on a draft Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Willoughby Leisure Centre. The Master Plan outlines how the Willoughby Leisure Centre will be transformed into an innovative and modern facility providing the next generation of sporting and recreation facilities.

The Willoughby Leisure Centre, used by more than 500,000 people annually, currently caters for water activities, indoor sport and exercise activities offering a gym, two multipurpose indoor courts, 25 metre indoor heated pool, spa and sauna.

The plan, developed following an extensive program of community consultation undertaken throughout 2009 and 2010, aims to bring the centre in line with community expectations and provide state-of-the-art health and leisure facilities now and into the future. The Master Plan provides options for the facilities at the centre to be expanded and improved through a staged redevelopment of the site to see it include additional facilities including:

  • An eight lane, 50 metre pool;
  • A warm water program pool;
  • Kids’ water play area;
  • New gym/health club more than three times the size of the current facility;
  • Purpose built group exercise studios and Spin Room;
  • Additional change room facilities and facilities catering for schools and large groups;
  • Larger crèche;
  • Increased parking; and
  • Major refurbishments and improvements throughout the centre.

Additional netball courts will also be provided at the new Gore Hill sports facility reducing the demand on the outdoor courts at Bicentennial Reserve.

“The redevelopment of the Willoughby Leisure Centre is an exciting opportunity for the Willoughby community,” said Willoughby Mayor Pat Reilly.

“The redevelopment is a central step in a focus on recreation across the city. In addition to the Willoughby Leisure Centre redevelopment, we will be working to increase recreational venues across the city through the provision of new centres such as the facility at Gore Hill and upgrades to existing parks and facilities across the city,” he said.

“The proposed redevelopment at the Willoughby Leisure Centre aims to meet the current and future sporting and recreational needs of the Willoughby community by providing the next generation of recreational facilities. It also aims to address current user concerns in areas such as traffic management, ongoing access to the centre and incorporate Ecological Sustainable Design principals.

“The public exhibition provides an opportunity for the community to view and comment on the proposal before the Master Plan is finalised. All community feedback received will be considered as part of the decision making process. While a thorough program of community consultation has already been undertaken to enable to Master Plan to be developed, I urge all members of the community, to review the plans and provide feedback,” said the Mayor.

The plans are on display from Friday 1 June at:

  • Willoughby Leisure Centre, Small Street, Willoughby
  • Chatswood Library on The Concourse, 409 Victoria, Avenue, Chatswood
  • Council’s Administration Building, level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood
  • The Willis Recreation and Sports Centre, 325A Eastern Valley Way, Castle Cove
  • Online at
  • The Master Plan is on exhibition for public comment from 1 June until 12 July 2012.

Changes to Community Centre - have your say

Posted 10 May 2012

Naremburn Community Centre Refurbishment

[Editor: The letter below, dated 25 November 2011, is with the Concept Plan displayed at Naremburn Branch Library. The Plan was in the NPA’s 110th anniversary exhibition.]

The Naremburn facility is at an age and condition where intervention is required. The existing library is not a functional space and the lack of meeting rooms and adaptable spaces make it difficult for the local community to best utilise the facility. Council is planning to undertake refurbishment works to the site and a part of the initial design phase is calling on comments from the local community.

Council will carry out community consultation to try and incorporate the comments into the design development. This will be through a range of letter box drops, community meetings and public exhibition of plans such as the Naremburn Progress Association 110th anniversary open day.

The refurbishment project is in its initial design stages and once community consultation has been carried out, the design development with several consultant fields (architectural, structural engineers etc.) will prepare the documentation required for the development application.

Once development consent has been gained, Council will carry out a tender process to appoint a builder to carry out the construction works.

Further community consultation will start early next year [2012] and the whole design, approval and construction process will be completed by early 2013.

The building will be configured as a multi-use facility to ensure the space can be used for a range of activities such as: branch library, community meeting rooms, available for casual hirers of the space e.g. playgroups and other community based groups, a range of fitness classes arranged via Council’s Willoughby Leisure Centre will also be available. The existing pre-school adjacent to the community space will also remain in operation.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed works. Should you require any further information, Council’s Property Projects Officer Steven Farr may be contacted on 9777-7617.

Steven Head,
Director Infrastructure Services

View Concept Plan

2012 Election of NPA Executive Committee and Delegates

Posted 13 March 2012

The Progress Association’s Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 8 March 2012 at the Naremburn Community Centre. The Returning Officer was Cr Kate Lamb. All positions were declared vacant. Kevin FitzPatrick (Secretary 2011, President 2007-2010), Barry Shaw (Treasurer 2010-2011) and Martha Follent (Vice President 2011) did not seek re-election.

Election results:
PRESIDENT: Frances O’Brien
VICE PRESIDENT: Roger Promnitz
SECRETARY: Helene Kemp
TREASURER: Carmen Loecherer

Lynda Ackroyd
Viviane Leveaux
Joann Morand
Frances O’Brien
Helene Kemp
Beryl Batterham
Kevin FitzPatrick
Barry Shaw
Frances O’Brien
Barry Shaw
Peter Turner

Suspension Bridge - not Long Gully Bridge

Posted 6 October 2011

There was a bit of a stir at NPA meetings when the RTA process of installing safety barriers to prevent suicides from the Suspension Bridge resulted in the RTA calling it ‘Long Gully Bridge’. Between September 2010 and March 2011, I emailed the RTA requesting the historical background to the name change and elicited a promise shortly before the State Election that the name would be queried with the RTA’s external heritage consultants. On 13 April I received a phone call stating that the RTA had made an administrative error and that an email to the relevant parties would be sent; it was sent that evening. At the May NPA meeting it was decided to defer the issue of bridge naming to the Willoughby Heritage Advisory Committee (WHAC) and North Sydney Council.

On 1 June, the RTA emailed us to say: "Following your recent feedback it is clear that there is both strong historical and popular support for naming the bridge SUSPENSION BRIDGE. The changes have been updated in the RTA S170 Heritage Register: The amendments to the modifications field for the safety barrier and the updated photographs will appear via the internet when the upgrade of the register is complete - hopefully within the next few months. Again we apologise for the original naming error and any confusion that it has caused."

Trisha FitzPatrick
Editor, NM

Posted 6 October 2011

Burke Lane: John Burke, a founding member of our Progress Association 1901.
Carden Lane: Edwin Edward de Baskerville Carden presided over the public meeting called for residents who showed concern for Naremburn’s future welfare, and held at the Temperance Hall in Central Street on 27 November 1901. A builder and leading figure in the community, when the meeting decided to form itself into a Progress Association, he declined the position of President in favour of another public-spirited citizen, Harold McBurney.
Corbett Lane: Corbett was an early member of the Naremburn Progress Association.
Crowley Lane: Jeremy Crowley was the first Treasurer of the NPA in 1901.
Faunce Lane: A D Faunce of Garland Road, an Alderman, Deputy Mayor 1964-66; President of the NPA; also President of the NPA-sponsored Naremburn Amenities Development Association (NADA) when the Baby Health Centre, Public Hall and Library were opened on 18 October 1958. His wife, Ivy, was awarded Willoughby Council’s Citizen of the Year 1973 for her outstanding charity work.
Furnedge Lane: Furnedge was an early member of the NPA.
Hutton Lane: Mr Hutton was an early member of the NPA and an Alderman of Willoughby Council.
John Allen Lane: John Allen lived in Olympia Road; a member of the NPA, he held various positions; President of the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations (FWPA) from 1995 until his death in September 2007.
Kershaw Lane: H J Kershaw was a founding member of the NPA
McBurney Street: After Harold McBurney, active in local affairs; Foundation President of the NPA 27 November 1901, later elected to Willoughby Council.
Rohan Street: After Joseph Rohan, active in local affairs; Foundation Secretary of the NPA 27 November 1901.
Schultz Lane: C Schultz, a local builder, was elected Auditor of the NPA in 1901.

We thank our public-minded Naremburn residents who founded the NPA, first progress association in the Willoughby Council area, on 27 November 1901.

Naremburn Park – complaints by members

Posted 6 September 2010

At the May meeting, NPA members complained about conditions at Naremburn Park. A letter was sent to Steven Head, WCC’s Director Infrastructure Services. His response includes the following information:-

  • Rubbish Dumping – this should be reported to WCC’s Help and Service Centre on 9777 1000. Compliance staff investigate and action removals.
  • Clean-up after Sports Hirers – subsequent to the NPA written comments, WCC sent reminder letters to the relevant sports hirers to clean-up after sporting events.
  • Solar Lights not Working – water entry was detected and replacement/repairs were underway.

The NPA has representatives on the Bicentennial Reserve and Flat Rock Gully Advisory Group that exists as was recommended by its Plan of Management (POM). The NPA queried why there was not a similar body for Naremburn Park. The Plan of Management for Naremburn Park does not contain such a recommendation; there are "no plans currently to establish further Advisory Committees for individual parks".

Park problems - rubbish dumping, littering by sports groups, lights not working – phone 9777 1000

Dogs in Naremburn – known as ‘Dogtown’ in earlier times

15 December 2009/p>

Walking your dog in public areas

If your dog is in a public area it must be on a leash and controlled effectively by a competent person. Otherwise your dog needs to be confined to your property, not wandering around public or private property. Your dog must not enter:

  • Eating areas
  • School or childcare grounds
  • Wildlife protection areas
  • Within ten metres of children’s playground equipment.

Council has established off-leash areas where you can let your dog exercise under supervision.

Cleaning up after your dog

It is the responsibility of owners to clean up after their dog if it leaves waste in public areas. Dog poo on roads, footpaths and parks is a common source of complaint to Council. Council’s Rangers can fine owners who don’t clean up after their dog. The Companion Animals Act dictates a $275 fine for failing to remove dog faeces. When it rains, your dog's waste gets washed down the stormwater drains and into the nearest creek. It ends up in either Middle Harbour or the Lane Cove River. There is a high level of nutrients in dog droppings, and this contributes to toxic algal blooms and aquatic weeds in our waterways. These blooms and weeds harm the marine organisms that keep our creeks healthy. Plus, dog droppings contain bacteria that can be harmful to people. They can contain infectious roundworm eggs that can cause serious illnesses. When walking your dog carry bags to collect your dog’s droppings and put them in the bin. Don’t let your dog out unsupervised or let it poo on your neighbour’s lawn. Take responsibility for your animal; it’s something that comes along with pet ownership.


Keep Clear – Rohan Street and Willoughby Road

Posted 29 April 2009

The NPA was successful in its persistent request for Willoughby City Council to install ‘Keep Clear’ marked on the northbound lanes of Willoughby Road at the Rohan Street intersection. Residents had been experiencing difficulty with access to and egress from the western area of Naremburn due to traffic obstructing this intersection.

Proposed Child Care Centre at 7 & 9 Donnelly Road

Posted 21 May 2012

The 7 & 9 Donnelly Road Child Care Centre saga has been ongoing for several years. On 21 February 2012 the Land and Environment Court held an on-site Conciliation Meeting. Below is the statement made by Roger Promnitz (NPA Vice President as of the AGM on 8 March) on behalf of the Naremburn Progress Association. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Commissioner asked Roger for a copy of his presentation. As at the posting of this item on the website, there has been no decision from the Commissioner.

Good Morning Commissioner, Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Roger Promnitz and I am here today as the representative of the Naremburn Progress Association. I am also a resident of the adjacent street, Merrenburn Avenue, and have lived there for the past 25 years. As a neighbour directly opposite the child care centre in that street, I bring an appreciation of the current traffic and parking situation at that centre, and hence what might be the expected future situation for a child care centre here in Donnelly Road.

The Naremburn Progress Association (NPA) is copied by Council on all submitted DAs for the Naremburn area, and invited to make submissions where the Association sees fit.

The Association is keen to see properly planned and orderly development in the area, especially in the educational and child care areas as we have no primary school in Naremburn due to school closures a number of years ago. That said, we would only support developments that meet all planning and regulatory requirements – and in this case there still appears to be several aspects of the proposed development that do not meet standards.

Other speakers will concentrate on areas such as evacuation plans and driveway widths, whilst the NPA is particularly concerned that the likely impact on traffic movements and safety has been underestimated, with both the number of vehicle movements per hour and the increased likelihood of vehicles performing U-turns in Merrenburn Avenue creating a serious safety issue.

Referring to the Coady Consulting Traffic Assessment, we note in part that there is an estimation of 60 vehicle movements per hr and that these movements will be spread evenly over a two hour period. Our experience in Merrenburn Avenue would suggest that the dropping off period for young working families tends to be concentrated between 7.30-8.30 for the morning peak, and since Donnelly Road is a dead end street amounts to 120 vehicles per hr trying to get into or out of Donnelly Road. The prospect of this large number of vehicle movements in such a small street is greatly concerning and leads to the increased likelihood of low speed vehicle accidents, regardless of the “gap acceptance” on exit.

Should the proposed development be approved, we expect that Willoughby Council would prohibit right hand turns from Donnelly Road into Brook Street during peak periods. We are supportive of this move, but expect that parents will not travel the extra 1.8 km via a series of left hand turns to be able to enter the Warringah Freeway or travel south on Brook Street, preferring instead to turn left into Brook, left into Merrenburn at the traffic lights and then perform a U-turn, whether legal or illegal, in order to re-enter Brook by then turning right out of Merrenburn Avenue. There are already significant numbers of motorists performing U-turns in that area of Merrenburn Avenue as they are precluded from entering Brook Street by turning right from Marks Street, hence must turn left into Brook and immediately right into Merrenburn, perform a U-turn in Merrenburn then turn left again at the lights to travel north on Brook Street. To add further traffic (and we would expect in significant numbers) performing these U-turns (or 3 point turns using residents’ driveways) provides significant risk, and one which should be avoided at all costs. However it is naïve to think that parents will be content to travel the extra 1.8 km to avoid this situation – with time pressures and road infrastructure as it is, they will generally seek to cut travel times and seemingly ignore the incremental risks. We also note the provision of seven parking spots for pick up/drop off of children attending the centre, however ask the question as to what procedures would be put in place to ensure parents wait for bays to become available in peak periods? Up at the White Rabbit child care centre in Merrenburn Avenue, and this meant with no disrespect to the centre’s management and staff, but parents are regularly seen parking across the road and then walking or carrying their children to the centre, over a very busy arterial road, rather than wait for a bay to become available.

An assumption has been made in the Assessment that because staff will tend to be young and relatively lower paid, that they will not own a car and hence will free up more parking spaces. We believe this to be an invalid assumption as the proposed development is quite poorly serviced by public transport, being located some 15-20 minutes walk from the closest railway station (St Leonards), and falling between two bus corridors – one over on Miller St, Cammeray and the other at Willoughby Rd, Naremburn. Both of these services are about a 10 minute walk and are heavily utilised, so we would expect that virtually all staff would drive their own vehicles to/from work.

In recognition of these adverse traffic and safety implications, at its last meeting on 9 February, the Naremburn Progress Association voted unanimously to oppose this development. As I noted at the outset, we would be keen to see another child care centre or even better a primary school in the area, but the issues are too great to allow us to support this particular proposal.
Thank you for your attention.

Child Care Centre DA for Donnelly Road

Posted 29 August 2009

The saga of this long-running Development Application for a Child Care Centre to be built in the cul de sac that is a remnant of Donnelly Road that was cut in two by the Freeway extension, was lodged with Willoughby City Council, refused and then taken by the Developer to the Land and Environment Court, not one but three times. This part of Donnelly Road is off Brook Street and close to the on and off ramps for the Freeway. Read the account of this saga in a letter written to the Naremburn Progress Association here.

Anniversary of NPA's Founding

Posted 17 October 2011

On Sunday 27 November the NPA will hold a community street party in Central Street from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm to celebrate its 110 years. All Naremburn residents are invited.

The Naremburn Progress Association was founded at a meeting held on 27 November 1901 in the old Temperance Hall, now a private residence at 31 Central Street. The NPA holds its meetings in the Community Centre at 7 Central Street. The Centre is the result of the work of the Naremburn Amenities Development Association (NADA) formed in May 1947 under the sponsorship of the NPA to raise funds for a Public Hall for Naremburn.

Posted 7 September 2010

The NPA is the oldest Progress Association in Willoughby City.

In 1901 the people of Naremburn felt that their area was "still the neglected outskirts of the Borough of Willoughby". A group of public-spirited residents called a public meeting in the Temperance Hall – 31 Central Street - on Wednesday 27 November 1901; a Willoughby Civil Heritage Plaque in the footpath lists this meeting at which the motion was put "that those present form themselves into a Progress Association".

The vision of these residents was for a better Naremburn. This has remained a constant for the NPA over the years. The Association has fought for our suburb and its people with challenges on many fronts; saving the remnant Naremburn Shops; the destruction of many homes in the State Government’s push for expressways. The NPA has continued through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II - and the GFC! Naremburn should celebrate these 110 years.

Apartment Building DA for 96 Chandos Street

Posted 10 October 2010

Development Application, DA-2010/539, 96 Chandos Street Naremburn, lodged with Willoughby City Council, is for a new building comprising 26 residential units and 1 commercial suite to replace an existing 2 storey unit building.

Overall the structure stands 8 storeys above ground with a 2 level commercial suite (ground and mezzanine) to the east side of the Chandos Street frontage with 5 floors of single level residential units above. The Henry Lane frontage has the car park entry and garbage bin storage with 7 levels of residential accommodation above comprising 1 floor of single level residential units and 6 floors of ‘loft’ style units each occupying 2 levels. Level 8 is roof mounted plant and stair access. The North West and South West corners of the site are landscaped areas accommodating existing trees. The Henry Lane façade of the building is set back approximately 7 metres from the lane boundary.

The 26 residential unit component comprises 16 single bedroom and 6 double bedroom units giving a total of 32 bedrooms. On the Development Application documents each of the bedrooms is shown with a double bed so it can be assumed that the design population of the building is more than the 32 persons that would be 1 per bedroom. On a 50% double bed occupancy by 2 persons this would give the development a theoretical population of 48 individuals.

Vehicle parking for the development is by an automated car stacker accessed from a driveway from Henry Lane. The maximum stacker capacity is 18 vehicles. Also on the site are 3 outside car spaces accessed directly from Henry Lane. In the traffic and parking report these spaces are described as being either for visitors or for occupants, depending on circumstances.

The traffic and parking report comments that the vehicle parking provided is less than what is required by the Willoughby City Council Planning instruments and the report includes a detailed demographic analysis to justify this reduction in vehicle parking numbers.

Love Food Hate Waste - top five tips

Posted 6 October 2011

  • Plan your weekly meals to save time and money
  • Write a shopping list and check the fridge and cupboard before you go
  • Measure serving sizes
  • Store your food correctly - air tight containers help keep food fresher for longer
  • Use your leftovers for an easy week night meal

WCC has received a $20,000 grant from the Office of Heritage and Environment (OHE) to continue the popular Love Food Hate Waste program and help combat the growing environmental and economic issues of food waste. New South Wales households currently generate 800,000 tonnes of food waste each year, equating to $2.5 billion worth of food. In the Willoughby City Council area alone, close to $25 million worth of food is wasted annually. The Love Food Hate Waste program aims to raise awareness of the scale of food waste within households and provide tips on how to reduce this waste and save money.

Naremburn Community Centre

1 October 2010

Excellent Spring weather helped attract record numbers to the Naremburn Community Centre’s 2010 Open Day that ran from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday18 September.

Our NPA display highlighted the contribution of N.A.D.A., Naremburn Amenities Development Association, whose vision, fund-raising by hard-working dedicated volunteers, paved the way for what became the Community Centre, venue for the Open Day’s activities. We also had a display of historic maps that showed how Naremburn was carved up by the Warringah Freeway extension. Among the good news encounters of the day was the visit by Anita Sorak (Di Santo) to the NPA display. In the photo of Miss Marilyn Christensen reading to a group of young children in the N.A.D.A. Children’s Library, Anita recognised her young sister Rosetta; she phoned Rosetta and asked her to come down to the Centre to see the photo. David Lendrum has since scanned the photo and sent it to Rosetta so that she can identify the other children in the photo. All were 1978 Year 1 students of the then St Leonard’s Catholic Primary School.

Children enjoyed many free activities; face-painting, craft activities sponsored by the Library and the Pre School, a Jumping Castle and a KindiFarm. An NPA-sponsored ‘How many jelly beans in the jar?’ guessing competition was popular; Jenny Geddes was our winner!

The Sausage Sizzle ran out of sausages before noon despite catering numbers being increased from 2009. Other offerings included a cake stall, a craft stall and the Northern Suburbs Philatelic Society who offered a free stamp bookmark.

We thank Centre Manager Darius Turner for his assistance; NPA members Helene Kemp, Martha Follent, Robyn Butler, David Lendrum and Kevin FitzPatrick for their contribution on the day. A special word of thanks to Helene Kemp; her wholehearted promotion of the Day resulted in a better than usual turn-up of Naremburn residents to the event. Photos from the Open Day

2 September 2009

The Signwave Artarmon donated banners have arrived today in time for their first outing at the Naremburn Community Centre Open Day on Saturday 5 September.

The "day" that runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, held every year on a Saturday in September as part of the WCC Spring Festival, showcases the various organisations in the User Group. This group includes: the Naremburn Progress Association, Playgroup, Over Fifties, Northern Suburbs Philatelic Society, After School Care, Willoughby Pre School, and, is home to the Naremburn Library.

Artwork for the banners was done by Robin Phelan of Rocket Design who has been doing the typesetting and printing for our quarterly Naremburn Matters since its first issue in April 2005.

Michael Prior, owner of Signwave Artarmon, and a member of the NPA, donated the banners so that we would have a noticeable ‘presence’ when presenting to the Naremburn community.

Community Centre Open Day, Saturday 18 September 2010

1 October 2010

Excellent Spring weather helped attract record numbers to the Naremburn Community Centre’s 2010 Open Day that ran from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday18 September.

Our NPA display highlighted the contribution of N.A.D.A., Naremburn Amenities Development Association, whose vision, fund-raising by hard-working dedicated volunteers, paved the way for what became the Community Centre, venue for the Open Day’s activities. We also had a display of historic maps that showed how Naremburn was carved up by the Warringah Freeway extension. Among the good news encounters of the day was the visit by Anita Sorak (Di Santo) to the NPA display. In the photo of Miss Marilyn Christensen reading to a group of young children in the N.A.D.A. Children’s Library, Anita recognised her young sister Rosetta; she phoned Rosetta and asked her to come down to the Centre to see the photo. David Lendrum has since scanned the photo and sent it to Rosetta so that she can identify the other children in the photo. All were 1978 Year 1 students of the then St Leonard’s Catholic Primary School.

Children enjoyed many free activities; face-painting, craft activities sponsored by the Library and the Pre School, a Jumping Castle and a KindiFarm. An NPA-sponsored ‘How many jelly beans in the jar?’ guessing competition was popular; Jenny Geddes was our winner!

The Sausage Sizzle ran out of sausages before noon despite catering numbers being increased from 2009. Other offerings included a cake stall, a craft stall and the Northern Suburbs Philatelic Society who offered a free stamp bookmark.

We thank Centre Manager Darius Turner for his assistance; NPA members Helene Kemp, Martha Follent, Robyn Butler, David Lendrum and Kevin FitzPatrick for their contribution on the day. A special word of thanks to Helene Kemp; her wholehearted promotion of the Day resulted in a better than usual turn-up of Naremburn residents to the event. Photos from the Open Day


Ella Street Bridge and traffic in the western areas of Naremburn

5 September 2010

The NPA’s report to WCC on the effect of the temporary closure of the Ella Street Bridge included requests for actions to be taken to improve traffic and safety in the short term. Click for the NPA Report At the 16 June WCC Traffic Committee Meeting the matters raised by the NPA were reviewed and the actions agreed (italics) at that meeting are:-

  • Council’s Mobile Speed Display Trailer to be located in Station Street: Station Street has been added to the list of locations for the speed display trailer.
  • Police booking of motorists for speeding in Dalleys, Station, Park, and Francis Streets: Police are requested to provide surveillance to speed limits in the area particularly on the shoulders of peak periods when traffic count data for streets in the area suggests speeding is more prevalent and when traffic volumes are still quite high 7-8am and 6:30 to 7:30p.m are suggested as appropriate time periods
  • Police RBT in Park Road during evening peak hours on varying days: This issue will also be passed onto the police.
  • Monitoring of parking between Dalleys Road and the Station traffic calming device: Council’s compliance officers will be requested to monitor parking activity within the No Stopping zone on approach to this traffic calming device.
  • Police monitoring of the Dalleys and Northcote intersection stop sign compliance: Police will be asked to monitor the lack of adherence to the STOP restriction at this location.
  • Council ranger booking of vehicles parked too close to corners or driveways: Council’s Parking Officers already have a heavy presence in the area however this particular issue will be passed on to them for specific attention.

The introduction of pedestrian refuges or marked pedestrian crossings on Park Road near Naremburn Park will be further investigated.

27 June 2010

The bridges issue, Ella Street and Lambs Road, has been a contentious one for decades. The Ella Street Bridge needed to be closed for maintenance work, in fact a re-build. The NPA decided to take the initiative to survey the residents in the streets most affected by the RTA detours set in place during the six month closure.

In late February, two hundred and sixty nine (269) survey forms containing nine (9) questions together with introductory notes, were delivered to residents in (a) Dalleys Road between Northcote Street and the Ella Street Bridge, (2) Talus Street and Berry Avenue, (3) Station Street, (4) Waters Road between Dalleys Road and Park Road, (5) Park Road between Waters Road and Francis Street, (6) Francis Street and Chelmsford Avenue. The response date was Monday 8 March. Residents – the NPA does not have access to rate-payer details - were asked to give their street address.

There were ninety-two (92) responses, plus an additional three (3) that were ineligible; one was late, one had no identifiable address, and one was from a property not in the survey area. The survey questions were devised in consultation with WCC with our intention to gain the opinions of residents in this area so beset as they are with traffic, vehicles exceeding the default speed limit of 50 km/ph, rat-running, commuter parking that not only fills the streets but makes it difficult for residents to drive out - many commuters park too close to driveways - as well as safety issues adjacent to the children’s playground.

In early April, the NPA survey report, dated 31 March 2010, was delivered to WCC. The report is a 20-page compilation of survey responses; the delivery to WCC included the survey forms grouped and packaged by street.

On the highly emotive issue of whether residents of the area surveyed would ‘support the permanent closure of the Ella Street Bridge to vehicles but keeping it open for bicycles and pedestrians’ the tally was: 36 Yes; 55 No; 1 Undecided. The Majority of the votes against closure of the Ella Street Bridge came from residents in Park Road, Francis Street, and Station Street.

On 16 April, the NPA delivered a thank you letter to the street mail boxes of the 92 respondents.

On 21 May, WCC informed the NPA that the report had been examined and that it will be considered at the Traffic Committee meeting of 16 June.

View the NPA report to WCC.

2 September 2009

The Ella Street rail bridge is shortly to be reconstructed and widened to provide increased safety for pedestrians and traffic using the bridge. The works will take place between October 2009 and April 2010. During this time Ella Street will be closed. Council officers have been working with the bridge contractors, residents and the RTA to seek to minimise traffic issues during the bridge construction period however it is unavoidable that there will be increased traffic on some roads during this period. Traffic will be detoured via Dalleys Road, Station Street, Park Road, Lambs Road and Cleg Street while Ella Street is closed.

Temporary No Parking restrictions will be introduced on the south side of Station Street (between Nolan Crescent and Park Rd) and traffic conditions in other streets will be monitored once works are under way to determine if additional measures might be required.

Safety Barriers on Long Gully Bridge completion

4 September 2010

The RTA has completed the construction of safety barriers on Long Gully Bridge (aka Suspension Bridge) Northbridge. Completion was delayed by bad weather. The project was fully funded by the NSW State Government at a cost of $1.5 Million. RTA flyer

2010 NPA Executive Committee & Delegates

12 March 2010

At the Association’s Annual General Meeting of 11 March 2010, the following were elected:-

President: Kevin FitzPatrick
Vice President: Frances O’Brien
Secretary: David Lendrum
Treasurer: Barry Shaw

General Committee:

  • Martha Follent
  • Donna Kessler
  • Don Swonnell

NPA Delegates to the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations:

  • Kevin FitzPatrick
  • Martha Follent
  • Don Swonnell

NPA Delegates to the Naremburn Community Centre User Group:

  • Beryl Batterham
  • Kevin FitzPatrick
  • David Lendrum
  • Trisha FitzPatrick

President's report to the AGM of 2010

12 March 2010

Click here to view the President's report.

2 February 2010

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is installing a safety barrier on Long Gully Bridge, Northbridge, with work commencing 22 February 2010. The safety barrier will be a steel curved picket fence.

The RTA will display a section of the safety barrier on Saturday 6 February 2010 at Northbridge Oval car park, Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge from 10am to 3pm. Members of the project team will be available to discuss the construction of the safety barrier on Long Gully Bridge.

Willoughby City Council, Northbridge Progress Association and the Naremburn Progress Association have been involved in meetings and discussions regarding the required safety barrier to prevent further suicide attempts from this bridge that is of heritage significance.

The RTA has gone through a process of community consultation but the general feeling in this community is that this process has been inadequate and has not followed the initial guidelines announced by the RTA and that the RTA has proceeded with its own expeditious solution.

Suspension Bridge

2 February 2010

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is installing a safety barrier on Long Gully Bridge, Northbridge, with work commencing 22 February 2010. The safety barrier will be a steel curved picket fence.

The RTA will display a section of the safety barrier on Saturday 6 February 2010 at Northbridge Oval car park, Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge from 10am to 3pm. Members of the project team will be available to discuss the construction of the safety barrier on Long Gully Bridge.

Willoughby City Council, Northbridge Progress Association and the Naremburn Progress Association have been involved in meetings and discussions regarding the required safety barrier to prevent further suicide attempts from this bridge that is of heritage significance.

The RTA has gone through a process of community consultation but the general feeling in this community is that this process has been inadequate and has not followed the initial guidelines announced by the RTA and that the RTA has proceeded with its own expeditious solution.

16 December 2009

The RTA is holding a ‘community meeting’ on Wednesday 17 December regarding the proposed work to this bridge. See attached RTA flyer for details

22 May 2009

The Roads and Traffic Authority will introduce security patrols on Long Gully Bridge (Suspension Bridge) Northbridge this month. The security patrols will operate 24 hours a day.

The patrols are a temporary measure in response to a recommendation from the NSW Coroner following a number of suicides from Long Gully Bridge.

The Coroner’s recommendation is to install a safety barrier on Long Gully Bridge to prevent or significantly impede jumping from the bridge.

The RTA is currently assessing options for the safety barrier to address the Coroner’s recommendation. The options will be assessed to account for suicide prevention, heritage conservation and urban design impact. This process includes consultation with local councils, community groups and heritage groups.

The community will be able to view the RTA’s preferred option for the safety barrier when it goes on public display. These details will be advertised at the appropriate time.

If you would like further information about the project please contact the RTA project manager, Martin Gormley on (02) 8849 or email

Nick Tobin - the future of the Community Centre

2 February 2010

Naremburn residents can have a say in what happens in the refurbishment of the Naremburn Community Centre at 7 Central Street. What do you want?

  • A real library in Naremburn, not just a foyer?
  • That our asset, the Community Centre, is upgraded?
  • That our Community Centre provides services for our young people, now and into the future?
  • That adults can take a stroll from home to the Centre, borrow a book or two, a DVD, and attend an interest group?
  • That our children can walk or ride to a library in their suburb
  • That the NPA has a sufficiently large room for meetings, storage for records, a place for members to work on projects?

The NPA invited the Nick Tobin, WCC’s General Manager to speak to us on the issues. Nick’s presentation commences at 7:30 pm on Thursday 11 February at the Community Centre with an expected conclusion by 8:30 pm at which time there will be a break ahead of the NPA’s February meeting. There is no need to stay for the general meeting. There is a real need for parents and other interested residents to attend Nick Tobin’s presentation and Q & A.

Child Care Centre DA for Donnelly Road

29 August 2009

The saga of this long-running Development Application for a Child Care Centre to be built in the cul de sac that is a remnant of Donnelly Road that was cut in two by the Freeway extension, was lodged with Willoughby City Council, refused and then taken by the Developer to the Land and Environment Court, not one but three times. This part of Donnelly Road is off Brook Street and close to the on and off ramps for the Freeway. Read the account of this saga in a letter written to the Naremburn Progress Association here.


Naremburn and the ‘Tour de Cure’ – update

29 August 2009

I emailed you details of our charity ride in February and the information was kindly included in the following edition of Naremburn Matters, thank you. We received many positive comments and well-wishes from residents who read the newsletter and article.

I wanted to also let you know of our results from our charity cycle from Brisbane to Cairns. Our goal was to raise $600,000 for our charity beneficiaries:

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Camp Quality
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Cancer Council

Our total raised was $850,000 which we are thrilled about. The Naremburn-based Tour de Cure registered charity has raised since May 2007 a total of $1.7M. Our charity ride next year is set for 7 to 15 May from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast as we travel to Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, Grafton, Byron Bay and Brisbane along the 1,433km route in 9 days. The donation target for 2010 is $1 million.

We are also producing a 1-day seminar, called ‘A Day of Inspiration’ to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Wednesday 9 September 2009. All proceeds from the event go to Tour de Cure. It’s our 3rd Annual event, and each year we attract a wonderful line up of speakers who generously donate their time to contribute and share their secrets of success.

For more information visit or contact me on 0411 044 888

Malcolm Heath
Grandview Street

Naremburn Shops – real or rumour

21 July 2009

Many Naremburn residents are upset that the organic butcher shop has closed. Rumour has it that the owner of this shop would not renew the lease for Sam the Butcher because the owner wanted to rent out the floor space above that shop and Sam did not need if for his business.

There is now a DA for the floor space above 296 Willoughby Road (formerly Sam the Butcher) and 298 Willoughby Road (Delicia). DA-2009/334 is for a Fitness Studio with the entrance from the footpath adjacent to the shops car parking area. Comments and questions can be made to WCC’s Kate Drinan 9777 7895 by Wednesday 5 August.

We cannot speak for the views of the adjoining shop-keepers who may be adversely affected by the increased demand on the parking spots, nor for the shop-keepers immediately below the proposed Fitness Studio who may be adversely affected by noise. However, the NPA Executive will discuss the issues at its meeting on 28 July.

The 'cause', retaining the Naremburn Shops, has been an ongoing fight by the NPA since the 1970s. The 1980s plan for the proposed Expressway meant that those shops north of Rohan Street would be lost. Protests and concerted activity by the NPA, together with the Naremburn community, saved these shops. The Lane Cove Tunnel Project also threatened the shops and the car park and our objections were heard.

So, now Naremburn does not have a butcher shop let alone an organic butcher shop. Sam the Butcher is being replaced by Arrosto, a roast chicken shop, and we will have a Chicken Café next to the Fish and Chip shop. Does the Naremburn Shops strip need two chicken shops?

National Tree Day in Naremburn – update

31 August 2009

Again Naremburn residents marked this day by planting 23 street trees, this year in Dalleys Road, Northcote Street, Glenmore Street, Rohan Street and Waters Road on 2 August.

A further 15 trees will be planted by the end of September. Trees were selected by Willoughby City Council taking into account existing species, suitability in local soils and being water-wise. This year Council is using a new type of tree guard to protect against overuse of whipper snippers as many of our street trees are under stress due to the damage these cause, especially to soft-barked young trees. Some residents use contractors to cut their grass verges and it would be timely to remind these contractors to go easy with whipper snippers when working around street trees. On the day, residents also put some 80 of these new tree guards on existing trees.

2010 National Tree Day is Sunday 1 August. Meantime if you want to have a street tree planted outside your home give a call to 9777 1000 and one of Council's street tree co-ordinators will follow up on your request.

Ronan Ahern
Northcote Street

Ella Street Bridge temporary closure

4 May 2009

The previously announced temporary closure of the Ella Street Bridge at the northern end of Dalleys Road that was to take place between March and September 2009 has had its commencement date postponed to September.
Steven Head, Infrastructure Services Director, WCC, whose role includes traffic, is to speak at the NPA general meeting on 14 May see above

Latest Laing O'Rourke flyer to affected residents here
Proposed detours when Ella Street Bridge is closed here

Traffic, Parking – Steven Head @ May meeting

29 April 2009

Ella Street Bridge temporary closure, and other traffic and parking issues for Naremburn will be featured when Steven Head, WCC’s Infrastructure Services Director, speaks at the NPA’s next general meeting on Thursday, 14 May at the Naremburn Community Centre, 7 Central Street.
Steven will commence speaking at 7:30 pm with normal meeting business suspended until after his Q&A session. Come along. Bring your neighbours.

Artarmon Loop bus

20 April 2009

Commencing Monday 4 May 2009, The Artarmon Loop is a free shuttle service travelling on a loop from St Leonards station through the Artarmon industrial area.
The service aims to encourage the use of public transport and reduce car usage across the City of Willoughby while also enhancing the viability of the Artarmon business precinct.
Jump on the bus at any of the Artarmon Loop bus stops located along the route. Take your bike too - Bicycles can be stored in bike racks inside the bus.
The Artarmon Loop will run every 15 minutes from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Buses depart from St Leonards Station on the hour, quarter hour, half hour, and quarter to the hour. (i.e. 6.00am, 6.15am, 6.30am, 6.45am through to 6pm). Last run departs from St Leonards Station at 6.00pm.
Download the Artarmon loop map and timetable

2009 AGM minutes

14 April 2009

Read the President's report on community issues and the achievements of the NPA in the past year.

Ella Street Bridge temporary closure

25 February 2009

Latest flyer from the contractors, Laing O'Rourke here

As part of the major periodic maintenance program for the North Shore Railway Line, the existing road bridge passing over the railway line just beyond the western end of Dalleys Road is due to be replaced.
Bridge construction works will be completed between March and September 2009 and include the necessary closure of the Ella Street Bridge.
During the temporary closure of the Ella Street Bridge, Naremburn residents, as well as those doing rat runs through our suburb will not be able to access Herbert Street via Dalleys Road.
No vehicular access and no pedestrian access over the Ella Street Bridge from 3 March to 26 September 2009.

Naremburn and the ‘Tour de Cure’

Updated: 21 February 2009

A charity was formed in 2007 whose head office resides in Naremburn and focuses on raising funds to find a cure for cancer; it is named ‘Tour de Cure’.
Tour de Cure features an annual cycle by approximately 30 ordinary people from around Australia. This year’s ride will leave Brisbane on Friday 29 May for Cairns covering 1,555km over 10 days, with the longest day being 256 km. Due to growing interest the rider base has increased to 47 riders from Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The riders are men and women ranging in age from 18 to 52 years old.
Of the 47 riders preparing for this year’s tour, four reside in Naremburn:

  • Geoff Coombes, Co-Founder, 20 Park Street;
  • Malcolm Heath, 16 Grandview Street;
  • Caleb Jones, 28 Waters Road; and
  • Daniel Marles, 20 Slade Street

Each rider must commit to a demanding training program (cycling up to 500km+ per week, while juggling family and work commitments) and raise a minimum of $10,000 in donations.
We focus strongly on rider safety and responsibility and have produced a Bunch Riding Rules and Etiquette document which continues to attract favourable feedback from a wide sector of the community - cycling bodies, City of Sydney Council, and other groups and individuals.
Since May 2007 we have raised over $1,000,000 and we fund key projects within the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Camp Quality, Cancer Council and the Leukaemia Foundation. A feature of our rides is meeting people from the various towns along the way including the charity support groups, the public generally and school students from secondary and primary schools. We promote cancer awareness and prevention, attract strong media following, fund raise and promote the benefits of fitness as a means of defence against the disease.
For more information, visit the Tour de Cure website or contact Malcolm Heath on 0411 044 888.

NPA Oral History Program

Posted 6 February 2009

The NPA in conjunction with the Willoughby City Library is conducting an oral history program with some of Naremburn’s longstanding residents. So far we have interviewed and recorded the Naremburn memories of:-
Dulcie Barratt of Dalleys Road; Cyril and Lorna Clark, of Brook Street; Mary Teteris of Merrenburn Avenue; and Jack Dean of Mitchell Street.
For seniority Jack Dean tops the list at age 94. His many memories are reinforced by his family pictorial history. Jack’s mother numbered Billy Hughes’s wife among her customers at her millinery shop in Miller Street, North Sydney. She later ran a similar store at 29 Willoughby Road, next to the present W.H. Soul Pattison Chemist. Jack played Aussie Rules way back in 1926 but named tennis as his first love. He recalls the grace and style of Jack Crawford. Jack Dean first played on the tennis courts at the back of Naremburn Primary School in what is now Lawson Lane. The Plummers, Fleggs and Hopmans had courts there. The Hopman was Harry Hopman, uncle of famous Australian Davis Cup Coach, Harry Hopman. Jack recalls that the Hopmans had a holiday home at Collaroy and always rented a court nearby. Young Harry Hopman was playing at Wimbledon about this time. On one occasion Jack shared a court at Strathfield with two former Australian Davis Cup players, J.O. Anderson and Aub Willard. Jack still attends the Men’s Shed at Lane Cove where he engages in wood-carving, Formula One racing cars a specialty. He also paints and creates his own hand-painted Christmas cards.

If you would like to contribute to this Oral History Program with your stories, pictures, newspaper cuttings, or, you know someone with valuable memories of life in Naremburn, please contact Kevin FitzPatrick on or or 9439 8119.

Bike Racks at the Naremburn Shops

Willoughby City Council has installed three bike racks on footpaths in the Naremburn Shops area.

  1. adjacent to Old Fashioned Fish ‘n Chip Shop and Naremburn Natural
  2. adjacent to Raymond’s Framing and 1st Choice Liquor, and
  3. outside 1st Choice

We invite the ever-growing number of cyclists using the shared path that passes through the shopping area to secure their bikes at these racks. The NPA thanks WCC for installing the bike racks at our request.

The Naming of the Lanes of Naremburn

In 2008, un-named lanes within the Willoughby City Council Local Government Area (LGA) were named; 16 Naremburn lanes now honour some of our past residents who contributed to our community.
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